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Starfleet Innotech : A 2023 Report to Shareholders

Press Release
Release date:
December 28, 2023

Dear Shareholders,

As we look back on the past year, I am delighted to share a comprehensive overview of our key initiatives and insights into the challenges that have shaped our journey. Your unwavering trust and support have played a pivotal role, and we believe transparency in sharing both successes and challenges is essential. This letter aims to provide a holistic perspective on Starfleet Innotech's progress, offering a glimpse into the strategic decisions that have guided our path forward.

Key Challenges

We're facing challenges in two main areas: economic conditions and shifts in the market landscape. Like many businesses, we've had to adapt strategies due to the pandemic's impact. The second challenge is funding; despite having promising projects, delays in capital funding are impacting our cash reserves. Raising capital is difficult in the current climate. To address this, we've separated existing operations from capital projects to mitigate risks. Currently, our focus is on survival and risk management until sufficient funding is secured. Over the past six months, I've explored numerous funding opportunities, and we've now secured non-dilutive funding partners for various ventures, including real estate, electric vehicles, buyback, and Epiphany Cafe expansion in North America. Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks.

Key Initiatives


The Company has successfully secured funding for its much-anticipated buyback program, with the finalization of the buyback settlement currently underway. Delays were caused by the challenges and complexities of funds transfer and clearing. Anticipated to conclude next month, this strategic move underscores our dedication to optimizing shareholder value.

Part of this initiative includes the planned repurchase of a substantial 200 million shares from one of the Company's key stakeholders, BNCM, further consolidating our financial strength and signaling confidence in our future trajectory.

Auditor Engagement

In tandem with our commitment to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance, Starfleet Innotech is pleased to announce the formalization of an engagement with a renowned PCAOB-accredited auditor based in the United States.

The forthcoming details of this engagement will be unveiled in a press release slated for next month, providing stakeholders with comprehensive insights into the meticulous auditing process that underlines our dedication to transparency and accountability.

As we embark on these transformative initiatives, Starfleet Innotech remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, shareholder value, and adherence to the principles of sound corporate governance.

Business Recalibration and Consolidation

We have re-calibrated and consolidated our business model and structure to ensure better focus and management of the complex business models. Key objectives are to maximize operational excellence and encourage collaboration amongst the subsidiaries.

  • We strategically formed an ecosystem within our real estate division that is complementary to the subsidiaries operations. Terra Realty Solution, as the Sales and Marketing partner, and Moraya (and its subsidiaries) as the Developer.
  • Epiphany in NZ will focus on providing training to international franchises, New Product Development (NPD), and will undertake trials for proof-of-concept business models which can be replicated internationally
  • Moraya Properties will be the holding company for all real estate development projects and will manage the subsidiaries operating as property developers. This will include the real estate businesses in New Zealand, Australia, Philippines and the United States.
  • Projects in the Philippines will be managed by two teams. Each group will serve as a holding company with its executive team. The first group will be managing the Energy Division, which includes Solar and EV transport projects, while the second group will manage the Real Estate and Technology projects.
  • Some subsidiaries that are no longer aligned with the strategic outlook of the company and are not meeting the companys target will be either sold or returned to the original owners. This is to minimize the risk exposure of the company.

Acquisitions and Partnerships

Our recalibrated strategy is more focused on real estate development and energy projects which will increase our asset base and will limit our risk exposure.

This year, we have entered into a strategic partnership with European Wellness Biomedical Group (EW Group). Through this partnership, we will develop and operate Moraya's Integrative & Holistic Medicine facility within the eight-hectare micro-township project that we are developing in Palawan, Philippines. The EW Group owns the EUROPEAN WELLNESS brand, which is a holistic wellness and rejuvenation concept based on the scientifically backed knowledge and effectiveness of Swiss and German biological medicine and bio-molecular therapy. Through this partnership, we see the Moraya micro-township project joining European Wellness' many global sites-found across Greece (Santorini, Athens), Switzerland (Lugano), Germany, Thailand, Bangladesh, China, and Malaysia-offering patients holistic treatment for anti-aging, age reversal, aesthetics, and whole-life disease and health management.

We also launched Terra Realty platform along with our partner Terra Solutions Realty Corporation, an industry enabler working alongside developers, brokers, agents, sellers, and buyers to highlight and streamline promising real estate investment opportunities.

Later this year, we have finalized two shares swap (Restricted Preferred Series B shares) deals with two real estate developers from the Philippines and United States respectively. At least two other similar transactions (all in the United States) are underway. Through Starfleets committed funding from our investors, we will invest in these projects, granting Starfleet an eventual majority shareholding in each of the real estate companies. This is part of the recalibrated strategy of Starfleet that would also strengthen our business operations in the United States.

We are excited to share that we will soon announce two finalized letter of intents as stated above:

Heroes Lane Project:

Location: Philippines

Project Type: Real Estate Development (Potential Value $30M)

Project Status: Construction and Pre-selling are in progress; Reserved >20%

Senior Residential Care Facility:

Location: San Jose, California

Project Type: Senior Residential Care Facility (Potential Value $300M)

Project Status: Entitlements completed and land acquisition in progress

Our Approach for 2024

In the coming year, our strategy is centered on three key pillars: precise project execution, a streamlined organizational structure, and the launch of a compelling campaign. With a keen emphasis on operational excellence, we are poised to turn our strategic initiatives into tangible successes. By refining our organizational framework, we aim to enhance collaboration and drive innovation throughout the company. Simultaneously, the kickoff of our strategic campaign will amplify our brand narrative, setting the stage for a dynamic and impactful year ahead.

  • A new set of executives will be appointed, retaining key roles, such as CEO and Corporate Secretary.
  • There will be an appointment of a new Board of Directors and Advisers. The establishment of an Investment and Funding Committee, headed by the CEO.
  • Additionally, an internal Compliance and Audit committee will be established, responsible for the NASDAQ application.
  • The creation of an IR/PR team is also underway, which will lead aggressive campaigns, roadshows, and promotions throughout the year.
  • Execution of real estate projects includes the Wellness Micro Township in Palawan (by Moraya), four projects in NZ, three projects in AU, at least three projects in the US, and three projects in the PH.
  • Furthermore, there are plans to explore and seek partnerships with existing cafe chains in North America that can be converted into Epiphany Cafe, serving as our entry strategy into North America for Epiphany Cafe.

As we navigate the ambitious and exciting journey ahead, we express our gratitude for your unwavering support of Starfleet Innotech. We are committed to maintaining open lines of communication through our social media channels, enlightening bridge episodes, and engaging meet-the-fleet videos. Your trust fuels our determination to reach new heights, and we look forward to achieving shared success together. Thank you for being an integral part of the Starfleet Innotech community.


Jeths Lacson

CEO, Starfleet Innotech

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